Emerald Update v1634

Update 4/24 – Emerald has made it on Linden Lab’s approved viewer list. See: Third-Party Viewer Directory

Yesterday Modular released an updated version of Emerald. This is the TPVP (Third Party Viewer Policy – SL’s TPV Policy) compliant viewer required to connect to Second Life after April 30, 2010.

I am the 23,275th person to download it. I’ll be trying it in a few minutes.

Download Emerald Viewer v1643

Today 4/20, the download is running very slowly. On my fast cable the 40mb is showing 20 minutes to download.


I got to use the new Emerald. There are not many visible changes. The Modular web site and group chat say the EXPORT feature is crippled… well you can only export things where you are the creator of all parts. I haven’t tested that,

Some RLV stuff has been updated and related bugs fixed. I won’t be testing that any time soon… I prefer combat… which might end up… never mind.

Some of the Spell Checker was fixed… I didn’t know there was a problem.

There is chatter about having to manually clean out the user settings file. I did not catch enough of the conversation to understand what the problem was. Mine worked.

Shadows work. I found out there are Emerald shadows which are different than the SL 2.0 shadows. So, I suspect the next release of Emerald will have the new shadows.

On Another Note

If you have not yet been to Welcome Island, its worth a trip. If for nothing more than the Fuzzies they have for free. SL DiscoveryIsland Public4

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