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There are now examples of what MOAP (Media On A Prim) can do. Linden Lab is billing the SLPro! conference as a coming annual event… or whatever cycle they decide. At this one they have people showing what they could do with MOAP. You can read their blog post: Residents Show Off Their Skills at SLPro! Visit the exhibits in: Media Sandbox West.

The conference challenges SL professionals in several fields:

  1. Shared Media – MOAP – Contestants were challenged to develop compelling examples of using Shared Media in Second Life.
  2. Limited Prim Challenge -Participants are challenged create an object of their choice that is no more than 850 prims.
  3. Linden Home 100-Prim  Challenge – Contestants are challenge to create furniture and other stuff of 100 prims or less, for Linden Homes.
  4. Full Region Challenge – Contestants are challenged to build a full region.

New Viewer Features

To see the examples of MOAP you MUST use the Second Life Viewer 2.0 Beta. As for now it is the only one I know of that is implementing MOAP. You can see a video in one of Linden Lab’s blogs, Shared Media: Bringing the Web Inworld with Viewer 2 You can see it in action first hand by teleporting via SLURL.

Most of the MOAP is pretty basic. Mostly web sites on a prim. A couple of artistic pieces. One with the Sad Sad Robot music by Pornophonique, which I love. I expect to see some interesting things done with Flash… which gives me an idea…

Once you have seen the MOAP check out some of the other builds. There are some shoes (sculpty feet) that are just gorgeous by Stiletto Moody. These are expensive shoes but you have to see them in the store.

Pictures to follow…

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