MO:ULagain Opens Today

Updated: 2/9/2010

Those that have played Myst and its online cousin Uru Live are rejoicing to day (2/8). 🙂 The Myst Online web site posted that they opened a new Uru Live server and made the game download available for free. 🙂

Today, February 8, the servers are totally hammered and have been for hours. The Uru fan forums are exploding with speculation and impatience to get in. However Cyan warned that they are using a small registration server and it would be slow. It is. 🙁

The Second Life group D’ni Refugees has been chatting about it all day. Day two and the servers are down, overloaded and smoking as hundreds of people tried to signup and download the free game.The Cyan Worlds, Inc. folks are rethinking their server setup and will be back as soon as possible.

Fans are divided over use of Torrents to get the initial download. At first Cyan was not allowing discussion of Torrent use on their forum. That is apparently being reconsidered. See: I would like to take a moment to say…

When a Torrent download or a copy of the game from the days of GameTap is used one needs to do a pre-install for it to help. See:’s Downloading MO:ULagain There are some gotcha’s. See the warnings there.

The servers are mostly down right now. So, take your time. Registrations are going through and signup emails being sent. If you are using Gmail, check your spam folder. Be sure you click that it is not spam.

Good luck!

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