New KirstenLee (215) Viewer Out – Review

S18 (215),Second Life Viewers

AV Scanner

KirstenLee released an update of her S18-1 (215) viewer. I’ve downloaded it. KirstenLee S-18 Viewer

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This (215) update includes some fixes, a bit more speed and nicer graphics panels in preferences. However, tis update is mostly about Niran’s Mod exposing more advanced graphics options for end users.

The image left shows the AVATAR scanner/radar. This scanner is more combat RPG friendly than others. Those with the tracking ability are usually frowned on by most RPG combat players. It makes it impossible to escape a pursuer.

Several viewers are adding support for multiple avatars. Most of us selling products in SL have at least a second AV for testing our packaging and permissions. Combat RPG players use several to allow them to play different characters in the same or different games. Some people share a computer and have separate accounts and with alternative AV’s the may have several ID/login’s to deal with. The multi-login feature is popular.


S18 (215),Second Life Viewers

Graphics - Simple

KirstenLee’s viewer is all about render quality and cutting edge features. Many of these features have been hidden in the Advanced -> Debug settings are in sub panels beyond the preferences tabs. This viewer cleans up a bit of the problem.

Still there are too many settings to get them all on a single page of Preferences. The S18 now has two pages of settings; Simple and Advanced.

The Simple page is mostly the existing settings. But the settings important for Dynamic Shadows have been added to the Simple page. Deferred Render is one. Shadows/Projected Shadows is the other. A new one is Deferred Full Screen Lights, which I have no clue about.

S18 (215),Second Life Viewers

Graphics - Advanced

The Advanced page has several performance settings, dynamic shadow tweaks and texture options. Plus a setting for modifying glow. I’ve often wanted some way to turn down glow.


I have not gotten to use this view much. It seems to have the same start up pause I saw in a couple of the  previous versions. It seems to be about the same speed as the (214) viewer. It may be stop watch faster, but its not ‘knock-your-socks-off’ faster. The dynamic shadows and other render tweaks still make this the absolute best viewer for great SL pictures. With dynamic shadows on I still get 5 to 10 fps with my duel core 4gb nVidia 8800.

Mega-prims and sculpties still confuse the shadow render and create black areas. Tweaking the time of day and sun angle can often fix the problem and allow one to get the shot they are after. I love the shadows.

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