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The Myst iPhone game has brought many new people into Myst-Uru fan community. Yay! One of the things many of them are asking for is news of what is going on in the community. What are people doing, what is Cyan doing, are there sequels coming for the iPhone, who is doing what and how do I help. The Guild of Messengers (GoMe) is the publisher of all information Myst-Uru related and they have just published this month’s issue. But, it appears Myst is developing a generation gap in fan communications.

The iPhone generation is into blogs, MySpace/Facebook, Twitter, Plurk and other social networking tools of the new generation. Long time fans started with forums and chat rooms. Now the two generations are colliding and communication falls through some of the cracks. Cyan Worlds has stepped into Twitter that helps. Several long time fans are using Twitter now. Not that many of us. Twitter seems to be the … whatever Twitter is … of choice for the Myst-Uru community.

There are posts on the various Myst-Uru forums about Twitter. People post their Twitter names, which makes it easy to find other fans. The Myst-Uru Twitter List was started July 2008. It runs from then until now with people randomly dropping new posts and their Twitter name. Some of us are trying Plurk.

Blogs are big… ummm … yeah… blogs are big. There are a number of fans blogging about Myst-Uru. One of the latest additions is from the Second Life community. The Myst-Uru fans of Second Life are blogging on Eder D’Uru Blog. And of course they have started a new forum. Myst-Uru Eder D’Uru Project is part of the site and forum made for the coming Open Source version of Myst-Uru. The site Uru Blogs is a listing of blogs about Uru.

Some of long term fans are adapting to the new social media. The guilds seem a bit more set in their ways and seem much slower adapting to the new media. The GoMe has their new newspaper/letter out. Where R U Uru? vol 2, issue 3. This is always and interesting read. I do find I am becoming more attuned to the blogs. I forget this paper exists until I see it announced across the forums. It is a well prepared paper and I like it. But I wonder of more frequent releases on a blog might not provide people more of what we want in a socially networked age… Whenever I have idle time I start clicking blogs to see what is up. Twitter is a quick look for what’s hot today. Some combination of blogging and Twitter announcements is just part of today’s communication.

Uru Comics

The Keys to the Future Comic Myst-Uru related is written about in this GoMe issue. For insiders, long time fans, the comic is funny. For the new I’m certain there are too many references to historical events for them to get all the humor. But then this is obviously written for the long time fans. The comic has great art work and writing. Certainly pokes fun at the guilds. The comic is a project by a group of Myst-Uru fans taking the name Doh! World. It seems a bit dated. But for those looking for a Myst-Uru fix after playing Myst iPhone, this will give then a bit more Myst.

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