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LoN Fest 2009

Yeah, yeah… not the Bloodlines kind… the Role Play kind, not that Bloodlines doesn’t RP. I’m just writing about a broader group. In several of Second Life’s role play communities vampires are a major part of the role play. Advanced role players often like a back story to fill out their character. So, playing in Second Life’s various role play games one is likely to meet vampires with wonderfully written character histories. In combat RPG’s (Role Playing Games) it is important to understand the relationships these histories imply. It can keep your character alive. I’m not a big vampire fan. I’m more into the Kate Beckinsale  and Hugh Jackman type Van Helsing side of things. But one must know their enemies.

Vampires seem to be a rather complex and complicated subject, especially since we learn about them from stories and movies. Directors and writers take liberties with vampire history and physiology for their purposes. So, figuring out which version of a vampire a person is playing is not simple. And simple says nothing of the political and family loyalties and race relationships. TIP: If you are a lycan do NOT plan to hang out in a vampire bar.

The Land of Nor (LoN) is a dark role play game within Second Life (28 sims). One of the LoN players, Zia Underwood, a vampire of course, has just made it much easier for players to figure out their linage, an important thing in any vampire RP. She has written a couple of posts outlining the Land of NoR Vampire Generations and the various Second Life Vampire Clans in Land of NoR. It makes for a handy quick reference.

Most vampire players will find the two posts I’ve linked handy. Later posts are more Land of NoR specific. They get into individual histories of those in the game now. Great for LoN players.

Land of NoR

For those interested in a very different style of RP the Land of NoR is a unique RPG. I’m biased, I’m a LoN player. Coming from a mild family oriented Myst Online multi-player game that mixed Alternate Reality Game play features and video adventure game style the online RPG’s were a new experience. Most were too slow paced for me and lacked spontaneity. Combat in most RPG’s is ‘pre-scripted’ and conflicts often decided by a dice role. Land of NoR is a mix of role play and First Person Shooter (FPS) where conflict is decided by raw unscripted combat. Planned RP seldom stays on script. A thyme and direction are doable anywhere in LoN but more tightly planned scripts are RP’ed in more private areas of the game. Quick witted players will likely love LoN.

Main LM Land of NoR in Second Life. This LM lands one in the shopping mall above Land of NoR, which is a no combat zone. The game combat meter, rules and links to Community Center (training grounds) are there. There are free weapons in the Community Center (most free weapons are not permitted in LoN). Warning: The Remembrance region you TP into is over the main combat area of LoN. It can be horribly lagged and is the absolute worst lag in Land of NoR. Use the map to visit Repentance and the Rage Bar of Land of NoR for a better idea of actual lag conditions, unless they are having a concert Repentance.

Land of NoR Web Site/Forum.

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