#SL News Week 22


PATHBUG-136llSetRot() completely broken in RC PF This is a problem only on the Pathfinding (PF) enabled servers/regions.

Andrew Linden thinks he has this one fixed and believes the fix for that was deployed yesterday, Thursday. I’m not sure if he meant to AGNI or ADITI and didn’t think to ask him at the time.

Andrew has moved on to fixing Keyframe bugs in the Pathfinding.

Server Scripting Meeting

Rebake the Navmesh

There was a problem where rebaking the Navmesh would go into a perpetual pending state. Falcon Linden thinks he has that fixed. The change rolled to the AGNI (I think) PF Test Regions Friday morning. Falcon wants you to report if that happens again. Include the time and region name in your report.

PF Beta Group

Lorca Linden says 20 more resident’s regions are being moved into the PF Beta Test.

Automatic Transitioning

You may remember my writing about a concern some have of the work required to adapt an existing built out region to the new Pathfinding configuration. Falcon calmed the performance anxiety issues, but many still saw it as a massive amount of work.

Automatic Transitioning is a feature to reduce the work load. The Lindens believe that will simplify the builder workflow, especially on the mainland since people will not have access to the estate manager tools for Pathfinding.

Lorca describes it as: “We will detect when a resident takes an action [viewer action] that could change the Navmesh and automatically transition them into edit / unfrozen mode. [While] you will be able to manually trigger a Navmesh regen with the Pathfinding UI tools, [and] one will happen automatically after a set amount of time with no Navmesh changing action. The time window is TBD.

Falcon says, “All we know so far is that you won’t need to explicitly “unfreeze” in order to modify navmeshy objects.

Mæstro Linden asked some questions regarding how this would affect scripted objects. It seems Falcon and Lorca hadn’t considered that aspect to Auto-Trans. So, conversation on the feature was stopped with Falcon saying, “Suffice it to say, we’re working on making it less invasive.”

Falcon and Lorca hope this new feature will alleviate the concerns of those with large existing builds. They are working on ways to make the transition easier.


I don’t understand the problem CastRay. But, Falcon says the CastRay resource pool system is off in PF regions.

Region Crossing Phase II

This past week say the Muti-Threaded Region Crossing Phase I code roll out to the main grid. This has been in progress for 6 or 7 months. This week it finally made it through the Release Channel testing.

Now the team can concentrate on Phase II. They have no idea when it will reach the Release Channels. But, it will be in this part of the project that we see perceptible improvement.

Other Candidates

Le Tigre

Oskar Linden says they have two new release candidates out. LeTigre contains simulator changes to help with upcoming infrastructure projects. There are no externally visible changes. The changes are only accessible via internal tools and procedures. He says there may be more information on the project overall at a future date.


Magnum is running the Experience Tools Project, aka Advanced Creator Tools. This release contains a lot of the functionality that exists in Linden Realms. The features are rolled into tools accessible to estate managers and region owners. But, the experience tools control panels aren’t public yet.

Huseby Linden, a software engineer maintaining the simulator, that worked on Linden Realms and is now assigned to bring those features to the rest of the grid.

llAttachToAvatarTemp() is described by Huseby, “…it force attaches anything to an avatar once the avatar has granted permissions. The catch here is that the object that is attached DOES NOT go into their inventory and cannot be taken by the avatar it is attached to. So, think “shopping kiosk.

There is a rumor that these ‘temp’ HUD’s and attachments break existing HUD’s. Mæstro Linden says, “Looking at the latest comment from that “linden realms breaks HUDs” issue, it appears that the script might be hanging in the ‘changed’ event because it’s incompatible with any new changed flag, which would be a script bug.

Huseby adds, “…in non-experience tools environments, the functions don’t execute.

Huseby thinks these are the building blocks for the “next generation” of HUD’s.

You may remember that permissions for these scripts were a major concern. Huseby says, “What is significant about this release isn’t experience tools, but the fact that these functions use normal runtime permissions. They can use either experience tools or runtime permissions. [However,] it won’t attach unless the object is owned by the avatar it is being attached to, when using runtime permissions. Once we roll out the full experience toolset that will no longer be the case.

Such attachments will detach when you logout. However, leaving the region will not detach them.

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