Flickr Image Embed Code Change

Flickr™ has changed the embed code they provide people for displaying Flickr images. That meant I had to change how I embed their images in the blog. I’ll explain some of what you can do with the new embed code. There is a discussion at Flickr about the new code here: New version of Flickr’s embed code.

City of the Ancient Gods

City of the Ancient Gods

Surely, you have noticed I use more Flickr images these days. It saves me time and there are so many gorgeous images from Second Life™. Taking the time to find gorgeous places and get great photos… it was becoming work. Embedding an image is easier.  Continue reading

Flickr Feeds for Second Life

Hamlet has an article about finding the best of Second Life™ on social media. See: What Are Your Favorite Second Life-Themed Flickr Feeds? Hamlet is ‘besotted’ by the images of Lemon Panda of Second Life home interiors. Add your favorite feed to the comments in the first link.

Simple Elegance Office/Show Studio

Simple Elegance Office/Show Studio by Lemon Panda, on Flickr

Hamlet is interested in feeds people like. He asks for widgets that people use to show off various Flickr  feeds. Feeds… hmmmm. I have various sites feeding into my Feedly reader. But, what feeds can one take directly from Flickr? About a zillion… and that is just those related to Second Life. but Flickr feeds are not intuitive and I don’t see a feed button.

Flickr HELP is out of date, referring to a button at the bottom right of the page. No… I don’t see a RSS or Subscribe button. Some of the pages I would want to subscribe to have no bottom…   Continue reading

Second Life and Flickr Images

There are so many gorgeous images on Flickr. If you look through my favorites, you see the stuff I like. I think it is somewhat diverse. If you want to get your images on my blog or to understand why I use some people’s images and not others, read on.

"Intrigue Co. - Plushie Pals: Friendly the Snail"

A fun Torley Linden Image

Being short on time for writing my blog using images from Flickr saves me time. You have probably noticed lots of my images no longer relate to the article, other than they are from Second Life. Some I do take the time to find a related image. Even then it can be tenuous relationship. I suspect sometimes only my warped mind makes the connection.  Continue reading