Second Life – Third-Party Dev News 2017 w30

Some new news this week. Some of it BIG!


The Maintenance RC Version Viewer updated. The update includes a couple of important crash fixes. Oz Linden is requesting third party developers include one of them as soon as possible.

This past week was a perfect storm for the Lab. A backhoe literally cut a network cable. This cut off a significant number of people, dropped connection disconnects. Of course, for them, it was WTH! They then tried to log in again. The Internet being redundant, as it is figured out a new connection path suddenly thousands of users started trying to log in.

The login servers peaked and started to lag. Low-level code in the viewer’s login process started timing out and retrying the login. The code was very aggressive and thousands of users began unknowingly hammering the login servers. The storm of logins created what was essentially a Denial of Service attack. The result was more and more people were blocked from logging in which resulted in more hammering. A Catch-22.  Continue reading

Sansar Opening Week 31?

There is a rumor, started by a Linden, Friday past that Sansar™ will be opening the wider Beta this coming week (#31). Second Life is GOING to CONTINUE!

I consider that exciting and very probably accurate information, considering the source.

Sansar Logo – Trademark of Linden Lab – Earth Picture Public Domain

I speculate…

I expect this to be the very basic Sansar. Many of the features we are accustomed to in SL will be missing. They haven’t gotten to building them yet. Support for older hardware will DEFINITELY be missing. Also, I am not at all sure VR will be available. If it is, it may be limited to the Rift. I can hope for more devices… like Gear VR O.O

Support for older hardware will DEFINITELY be missing. The definition of older among SL users will likely have to change. The Core-2 and Pentium processors are old. Deal with it. Video cards older than the NVIDIA 1000 series are old. However, some high end 900 series card will likely be usable. But, the 900 series users will certainly risk simulator sickness. Continue reading

More Sansar Video 2017 w30

There is probably a push to hype Sansar as it nears its limited Beta opening. We see these ‘sneak’ preview videos popping up here and there.

In this one, we see a bit of the in-world building.

I think the user interface requiring one to move their body around is a set of lawsuits waiting to happen. Some creative lawyer is going to figure out how to make a claim stick in strict liability states like Califonia. But, we’ll see.

I personally think stubbing your toes, whacking your shins, or cracking your head while using VR is your fault. But, if there is money to be had, someone will find a way and then more people will jump on.

I think the in-world building looks neat. So, I have to brush up on getting my Gear VR to link into my PC’s display and controls.

Sansar Perception – How?

Sansar™ is something people are having a problem getting their heads around. Depending on how you use the web and virtual worlds and reality, you’ll likely perceive Sansar differently. You’ll also likely run into problems understanding how others see it and why. So, we still ask, what is Sansar?

Inara has a good analysis up on her blog, SANSAR: Preview 4 And Thoughts On A Wider Reach.

She makes a good point in regard to who is posting about and making videos of their experience in Sansar. For now, it is mostly Second Life creators like Blueberry and Maxwell Graf posting and making the videos.

It is natural these people would make videos showing what they consider important and pertinent. But, they tend to use Sansar just as they use Second Life™. Also, few of these people are web developers. So, the complexities and possibilities of how Sansar will be used mostly elude them.

Consider the web. Initially, most web sites were custom made sites built from scratch. The basic technology was HTML with primitive formatting. Paraphrasing:

[Title – top level – Font: Arial – Style: Bold – Color: Red]Free Sex[end]

Next formatting was improved and simplified… well, the simplified can be debated. This was and is the era of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Continue reading

Reddit & Sansar

Seems Linden Lab® is ramping up marketing of Sansar™. Linden Lab’s Peter Gray is active on Reddit/r/sansar/. He announced that more people will be invited into Sansar this summer. Summer starts June 21… When that opens you won’t need and invite (really?) nor have to fill out a form. Just open an account.



Yodai points out that we haven’t been hearing much about Sansar. Also, that some have purchased VR headsets just for Sansar. I know I got my Gear VR in part to be able to check out Sansar. Mostly to experience VR for me.

Peter in response agreed to answer questions. Some of his answers are interesting. For details read the Reddit. For a summary, read on.

The summer Sansar will work on Vive, Oculus, and PC’s. No word on Macs. Unofficially some are saying Sansar works in Bootcamp. There is no minimum system requirement yet. Informally they are saying basic Windows VR requirements. Since they say Oculus, I think/hope that includes Gear VR. Continue reading