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Other News

The inventory problem of last Saturday (2/16) is under investigation. Once they understand what happened, they will decide what to do to prevent it from happening again.

Dog Days

Dog Days

Misplaced jelly-dolls… you may have seen this bug. Some over-dressed avatar hits your ACI limit and ends up stuck on your screen like a HUD. Eeew… The Lindens think they have it figured out. Seems the info for an attachment to the overdressed av arrives before the location to attach it to. So, the viewer sticks it on a HUD attachment point.

The problem is more likely to happen in a crowd.

The workaround seems to be to un-jelly and then re-jelly the problem av. But some Lindens think this an unlikely work-around.

Duplicate Landmarks – Seems some are seeing their landmarks duplicated at login. If it happens to you file a JIRA Bug Report. I’m not sure if a relog fixes it or what to do with the extra LMs. Hasn’t happened to me.

Some think the ‘Degraded Performance’ message before you get logged off is related to the LM problem. Oz Linden says the message is triggered by the communication channel between you and the server dropping too many UDP packets. This is generally a case of your modem, router, gateway device overloading with UDP traffic.

If you see the “Degraded” message consider reducing the number of landmarks you have. That isn’t as bad as it sounds. We all likely have a large number of duplicate LMs. So, we have lots we could clear out without actually giving up any LM’s. I probably should make a pass through my inventory.

Before doing a radical housecleaning of LM’s, also know a region that is working hard to keep up can also be the cause of the “Depreciated” message. So, seeing it happen once every now and then is more likely the region than you. Seeing happen several times a day… it may be you.

Release Notes – The server and viewer release notes have been on the SL Wiki since I came to SL. They are leaving the wiki and will be in a new Release Note system. The Lindens are NOT going to move all the previous and current release notes to the new system. Everything from the activation of the system on will be on a new website.

Profiles – Yep, the avatar profiles. As they exist today they are an app.  Once upon a time, they were part of the viewer. The change to an app was to allow placing profiles on the website (I think I have that right).

A coming change to the infrastructure is likely to sort of break them… more so than they are broken now. So, the Lab is planning to kill the app and move the profiles back into the viewer. The problem with that is the Profile Feed or web page profiles.

The Lindens are looking for a way to keep the web profiles. They have the; follow, like, and image posting features not seen in the viewer. So, what is to happen to those features? No one knows. The worst-case scenario is the web profiles will be frozen in time. The best case is they will figure out how to get all the features working again.

Expect screams.

Missing Group Notices – The Lindens are still tracking down the problem. Other work has diverted them off the project.

Voice Fix – Over the holidays the Lab upgraded the Linden side of voice. Complaints about voice problems have mostly disappeared. The exception is Voice Morphs, which is being worked on.

Cloud – The prep for moving to the cloud is consuming a large portion of the engineering manpower. While the work is invisible to the user base, it is progressing. The effect is other projects are moving slowly from a lack of manpower.

Poser Project – You have seen this in the Black Dragon viewer. The pose lets you pose your avatar in real time moving individual bones at will. The Lindens plan to add the Poser to the Linden SL Viewer. But there are a number of things ahead of it. So, it is on the back burner.

New Viewer Controls – If you haven’t played with EEP Day Cycle creation you haven’t seen the new controls. If you look, look at the controls for the sun and moon. These are things built for that specific task. Expect to see them put to use in other places in the user interface. You’’ likely see them first in Black Dragon as NiranV likes to play with UI stuff.

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