SL and Other News Bits 2018 w12

GA.EG has a gum chewing, bubble blowing animation for Jennifer. The chewing animations are awesomely cute.

This is what bento is about. The neat animations we can build.

Ryan Schultz is writing about his Pet Peeves in Second Life™. The great part of the article is he gives solutions for all of the solvable ones. The solutions are free. So, you’ll want to get them.

Freebie stores… Ryan has his rant on those. I agree with him. There are really bad freebie stores. There are also some good ones, He lists a couple. A favorite of mine that he likes is Free Dove.

In 2008 when I was a new avatar Free Dove was my store of choice. Some great designers had introductory gifts. GuRL 6 had a free hairdo for those newer than 30-days old. I jumped on that. I bought a bunch of GuRL 6 hair once I figured out how to earn money, my stripper-days. I still have some GuRL 6 do’s I wear. The ACI is pretty good. But, GuRL 6 is no more. 🙁

Oculus Go – A new cheap Oculus is coming. Word is this year. Stated price US$200. For details see the long article, Oculus Go world premiere: Acceptable compromises, amazing quality. Consider this, Hands-On: Oculus Go – The Gear VR Killer.

So, will Go wipe out sales for Gear VR, DayDream, and similar phone-VR headsets? For those that don’t have or are avoiding an update of their smartphone, yeah. The phone-VR field has its problems and dedicated VR headsets are a better choice on several points. But, the price is still holding back VR adoption, IMO, and supporting the cheaper phone-VR headset market.

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