Sansar Meetings 2017 w36

This week the Sansar Casual Meet Ups are at The Lost Treasure of Coral Canyon at 2 to 3 PM PT Monday thru Friday. The Experience takes a bit to download. So, give yourself extra time for your first trip there.

Sansar: Lost Treasure of Coral Canyon – Atlas (Large)

It is a bit hard walking in this Experience. At least in desktop mode. You’ll need to use Ctrl-Mouse to target then left-click to go there.

Sansar: Lost Canyon Actual (Large)

Also, as of today, the promised Sansar update is not yet out.

The Friday Sansar Product Meet Up will be at 9:30 AM and 4 PM PT in the Astro Port. This meeting is likely to reach the Experience’s population limit, 40±. So, be early. And I suggest you visit the location Thursday to have the Experience cached. 

Sansar: Astro Port – Atlas (Large)

A nice build. Without scripting to activate things and get them working it feels deserted and dead. This next release should resolve that.

Sansar: Astro Port Actual (Large)

With the terrain editor and scripting, this should start to be fun.

For now, it looks as if Sansar will be in beta for the rest of year and into next year. But, no one else has a comparable platform this far along. The HyFy people have a ways to go also. Google and Facebook are looking to be moving toward augmented reality and something like Google Glass. No one can guess what people are going to go for.

What I do know is wearing a headset for more than 30 minutes in hot weather is a drag. Hair, makeup… it sucks. AC helps.

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