Blender 2.8 Overview

New in Blender 2.8 is an over view of Blender 2.8. The current version of Blender is 2.78c. A Blender 2.79 RC2 is available for download now. So, the 2.8 overview is a what’s coming type thing.

I’ve been seeing the Eevee word for some time. I know what PBR is, Physically Based Rendering. Meaning it looks more realistic. Eevee is Blender nickname for the render engine in the coming Blender. If you don’t know Eevee is also a whole Pokemon thing.

So Eevee is way neat. What we are getting that is such a big deal in Blender, in other words, is real time rendering in the viewports. Blender rendering has sort been a same day kind of render. Those grainy windows that progressively got more and more clear.

Now all the light and objects will render in real time.

The grease pencil is getting an update. If you don’t know the grease pencil is used more and more for modeling. But, there are 2D artists, think cartoons, that need better 2D tools. They are getting them. The 3D modelers will see more abilities added from the new grease pencil lines that are objects.

Workspaces are improving. These allow a UI configuration for different tasks. I have a UI arrangement for my animation and another for my modeling and weight painting. We’ve had that UI workspaces to a degree. They are pushing farther.

In Blender, we have had 20 layers to put things on and hide them or show them. The Layer system will no longer be limited to 20. The Layer paradigm is changing and Collections are being added.

An asset management system is coming to Blender.

As most of these are not things done to mesh or animation, what we do in that regard isn’t changing much. How we do it is significantly changing. The Eevee PBR engine is going to save us tons of time. This will be an update most of the SL users will want.

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