More Sansar Video 2017 w30

There is probably a push to hype Sansar as it nears its limited Beta opening. We see these ‘sneak’ preview videos popping up here and there.

In this one, we see a bit of the in-world building.

I think the user interface requiring one to move their body around is a set of lawsuits waiting to happen. Some creative lawyer is going to figure out how to make a claim stick in strict liability states like Califonia. But, we’ll see.

I personally think stubbing your toes, whacking your shins, or cracking your head while using VR is your fault. But, if there is money to be had, someone will find a way and then more people will jump on.

I think the in-world building looks neat. So, I have to brush up on getting my Gear VR to link into my PC’s display and controls.

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