United Airlines New Commercial

Start at TM 0:00 if you aren’t up on current news to get the back story. Otherwise, this is Jimmy Kemmel’s spoofed United commercial.


Chicago PD and United Airlines have created quite a mess. You may not realize big government kneeling to lobbyists has created laws so that airlines can overbook their flights and take away most of your civil rights when flying. There is nothing you can do about it. When you buy a ticket, you agree to comply.

One thought on “United Airlines New Commercial

  1. United by far in the worst airline in the world, closely followed by American Airlines and Delta. The overbooking is just one of the problems. Their planes are very old and run down. Most of their B767 and all of their B747 long distance planes do not have inseat video. They do not serve any food on domestic flights, even if they last 5+ hours and on long distance flights they serve junk food that I wouldn’t even feed to my dog. The space inbetween seats is the smallest of any airline, their flights are often significantly delayed or canceled because of “maintenance”. Until recently, they wouldn’t even offer food in their own frequent flyer lounge and charge for alcohol, something no other airline does. I know what I am talking about, I am flying all over the world for my job. United really is the worst airline.

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