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Myst Online: Uru Live was my first MMORPG. I mention it now and then. Anyway a character named Slightlybartfast on YouTube has made a video giving his version of the game’s history, which is nothing like what I remember. What can I say, he’s in the UK…

You won’t see any of the game until about the 6 minute mark. Then you’ll only see a few second of it. So, this is an 11 minute video mostly with Slightlybartfast talking about his understanding of the history of Uru and the author’s, Cyan Worlds, Inc., marketing mistakes. He touches on some of the other games in the Myst series.

The game is currently free to play at Myst Online. There is a donation thing that supports the cost of the server and pays for someone to do occasional maintenance and repairs to the server and software.

The gaming system is about 13 years old. It was initially written about the time Second Life (SL) was started. SL has been maintained and updated. Uru hasn’t been. There have been fixes and some proprietary parts of the code replaced with open source code. But, it has an old look to it. In its day it was awesome. It is still an enchanting world to play in.

I wouldn’t let young children play there, unless a parent is playing with them. There weren’t any game moderators online/in-game when I was last there.

They have been having some trouble with the sign up process. I’m not sure if new players can get in. Eventually they’ll get around to fixing it.

There is a sort of semi-underground of ‘modders’ that run servers with additional fam made… levels… in technical terms game shards… in the game’s jargon, worlds. Asking for help finding the underground servers in the main forum doesn’t work so well. You’ll have to visit the Guild of Writers or Open Uru forums to find that information.

I’ve been away from the game for some time. I follow the forum at Myst Online. When I last knew what was going on, licencing a server was a tedious process because Cyan is busy with other stuff. The result is some people ran servers while waiting for a license. With some effort you can find those servers and play a great adventure-puzzle game.

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  1. Thanks Nalates!
    This post is the highest source of traffic to that video outisde of youtube 🙂
    The publicity campaign in the UK was shocking! Such a shame!

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