Second Life Bits 2016 w/47

Lumiya viewer adds support for Google Cardboard. Inara has an article detailing it. There are some interesting user interface ideas.

Inara covers Radegast’s recent voice issues, a viewer apparently favored by the disabled.

Nothing beats a friend

Nothing beats a friend


You may or may not be aware of the VLC media player. It is a free, open source video player. It has basically replaced QuickTime in the SL viewers. The development team, VideoLAN Project has added the ability to view 360-video and pictures. See: VLC media player now supports 360-degree videos

SL Places

On Fridays, we get a new set of destination highlights from Xiola Linden. You’ll find them in the SL Blog’ Featured News. The blogosphere for SL will cover these places and provide photos this coming week. Giving us a deeper dive into the interesting places.

If you know of interesting places, let Xiola know. I’m not sure how she finds or chooses the highlights but, I think she provides the leads for most of what I think of as the community’s travel & exploration blogs. So, see it first from Highlights.

Because these places are in the Highlights news, you’ll find a small stream of people visiting the places. Sometimes the places are popular and there will be crowds. Some make it into the Destination Guide ‘Whats Hot Now’.


I’ve seen a number of images on Flickr that have had me wondering ‘how did they do that?’ I watch video tutorials from various sources and notice that some of things they do that aren’t explained, leaving me again wondering ‘how did they do that?’

A neat list of things you can do with layers often omitted from tutorials is here: Photoshop Layers tricks and shortcuts (2012).

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