Adobe tempzxpsign…… Temporary Files

You may not have noticed your drive filling up with empty folders. They are out of the way in AppData. Adobe products are creating folders as a place to save temporary files, which get deleted. The programs just forget to delete the folders. It is a bug and it has been around for a few months.

See: tempzxpsign…… temporary files filling up TEMP drive

The more you use Adobe the more folders you have.

The basic story is once all the Adobe programs have been closed you can delete all the folders. You’ll find them in: C:\Users\[Windows_Login_ID]\AppData\Local\

2 thoughts on “Adobe tempzxpsign…… Temporary Files

  1. Hey! There is a way how to get rid of them:
    Open your file Explorer> right mouse button on This Computer – choose Properties.
    When you’ll see your info about your system, look at the left side pane an click on Advanced. Then Choose Advanced tab in the windows called System properties and find the button called System Variables. In the new window you’ll find 2 strings:
    TEMP C:\Users\[yourusername]\Local\Temp
    TMP C:\Users\[yourusername]\Local\Temp

    Just add backslash \ in the end of the strings, like

    That’s all. All temp folder created by Adobe apps will be saved porperly into Temp folder.

    I believe you know how to clean them up 🙂

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