Project Bento Update 2016 w43

Not much happening Project Bento Development; bug fixes, consideration of the legacy animation incompatibility… that is about it.

We get word that the Firestorm ‘beta’ viewer now in testing by the Firestorm testers is providing more information. I suspect the Lindens are watching to see how many legacy animation problems are reported. Actual discussion gives me the impression the Lindens are not happy with any of the work arounds they and others have come up with to resolve the problem. It looks to me like they will break the legacy content as there is likely fewer defective old animations than new Bento animations.

Most old animations will be fine and have no incompatibilities with Bento. But, there are some ‘specific’ animations from three (?) vendors that break. I think all the problem animations are for quadrupeds but, only the ones that used joint position in a unique way.

If all the animators that made the problem animations were around, they could upload new copies of them and problem solved. I am not clear on whether the Lindens have reached out to them.

So, the beta testing is collecting information on how many have problems with legacy animations. If you have animations that animate a quadruped, now is a good time to check for problems and contact the creator.

Be sure to watch the video and catch the Dancing Elephant. 🙂 About 5 minutes in.

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