Second Life: MS Translator Change Coming

Microsoft has announced that their translation services are changing. The date is April 30, 2017. They will be changing to a new set of API’s they named Azure.

Time passes by

Time passes by

I have no idea how many, if any, SL Translators depend on the Microsoft API’s. But, those that do will need to change. 

I don’t know if the Linden Viewer or other viewers’ built in translators work. I know they didn’t. I haven’t heard of them being fixed. So… my assumption is they still don’t. But, if they do then this will likely break the Microsoft connection. Whatever…

The email reads:

To change your applications, follow these steps:

  1. Subscribe to Microsoft Translator on the Azure portal.
  2. Modify your application’s code to use the new Azure authentication logic. The change is simple and required. For more information, please visit the Microsoft Translator is moving to Azure webpage.
  3. Cancel your existing subscription on Microsoft DataMarket.

The Azure portal brings a better user experience, including the introduction of a new Pay-As-You-Go offer; price discounts for higher monthly volume commitments, allowing for overages at any level; and a significantly improved billing and usage dashboard.

Additional benefits include:

  • Subscriptions to the Microsoft Translator API will continue to be free of charge for up to two million characters per month for Text Translation and up to two hours per month for Speech Translation.
  • New portal users can sign up for a free 30-day Azure account, which includes a $200 USD credit, or equivalent in your currency, to spend towards any Azure service.
  • If you are a current Azure customer, you can include a subscription to the Microsoft Translator API as part of your overall Azure purchase.

Here’s additional information you should know:

  • You can immediately subscribe to the Microsoft Translator API in the Azure portal.
  • Beginning January 1, 2017, your access to your Microsoft Translator service in your current DataMarket subscription will be limited, and you will not be able to upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan.
  • You may concurrently create a new Azure account and subscribe to the Translator API in the portal. If you haven’t already used a free 30-day Azure account subscription, you can use your free trial credits for testing and configuring the Microsoft Translator API during the migration.
  • Remaining Microsoft Translator API subscriptions on DataMarket will be retired on April 30, 2017.
  • For more information about the availability of the Microsoft Translator API on the Azure portal, please visit our Microsoft Translator Blog. For questions, support, migration information, and additional updates, please visit the Microsoft Translator User Forum.

Thank you for your continued use of the Microsoft Translator service.

Thank you,

Your Azure Team


2 thoughts on “Second Life: MS Translator Change Coming

  1. Silly question:

    Do you *really* want to hand out all your prose (and the prose of all residents in chat range, without their consent !) to Micro$oft, or Google, or any private company, all of them so eager to steal your privacy away and put your name into a database together with all your preferences (including your weirdest *fantasy* kinks, for the SL adult-RP cases) ?…

    I don’t ! That’s why my viewer will *never, ever* implement such privacy-threatening translators (not to mention the quality of the latter is abyssal and they keep making loads and loads of counter-senses in their translations).

    • Actually… no. But, then there are the exhibitionists and those into humiliation… So, I can’t say there should be no takers.

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