Second Life Server Beta 2016 w24

Well yay! I made it into the ADITI grid. The last couple of weeks there has been a problem logging into ADITI. Enough so that it has been a common question in the SL Forum ANSWERS section and a topic in various in-world groups.

The subject even came up in the Project Bento Meeting. The Lindens there, several, did not know there was a problem. They assured us it was not intentional. But, a couple of people had logged into ADITI prior to coming to the Bento meeting. Afterward I logged in for the Beta Server meeting. So, the problems may be over…

The video is just a look at the group meeting. 

Group Ban Behavior

Caleb Linden tells they are preparing to roll out an update to the group ban feature. Basically making it so banned group members cannot partake in group conversations.

Whirly Fizzle has tested the change on ADITI and says it works. Whirly’s comment was,

Though the fix only works when banning not ejecting, but that’s ok.  At least there’s a fix that works to shut up spammers.

I can’t wait till the assholes come into group chat & say that they know you can’t shut them up.  Now we can  😛

So the way the fix works is, if you ban an avi, their group chat window doesn’t close, but they cannot post, they get an annoying modal each time they try and they cannot see new group chat posts.  If they then get unbanned before they close the chat window, they can again see group chat & post.  Once they relog though, they are not in the group & banned from joining.

Lucia Nightfire asks, “Does the group chat list still show them in the chat session?

Whirly answers, “Yes they still show in chatters list, sort of.  That was always buggy though plus theres quite a delay now with the chatters list updating. As long as they can’t post, that’s fine  :D”

Then NOPE (margithe) asks, “Can they still see the other chatters names in the list? When banned?”

Whirly answers, “Yes you can see other chatters name.  I don’t know if the list ffreezes at the time of ban though.”

The point came up that when banned the user gets a message like: You have been ejected from Whatever Group’ by [name of person doing the banning].’ Some think it is a problem. Others think it is needed.

Whirly thisks, “It’s important for group owners to see who bans/ejects.” Others think it will lead to more drama.

If a user is banned, they will still be able to see the list of group members, until they log off SL. At the next login the user is out of the group.


Caleb tells us BUG-10979[Bento] Scripted attachments attached to the new enhanced skeleton attachment points show as worn on “Invalid Attachment Point” in the script limits floater with soon be on Fire Ants 1, ADITI and ready for testing. Probably the next RC. I suppose the 6/21 roll… but since this is ADITI… there is no standard day for roll outs, AFAIK.

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