Second Life Server Update Week 37

No roll to the main channel this week. I didn’t expect any rolls as it is a short week with Monday being an American holiday.

the very bored

the very bored

The RC channels did get a new package. Surprising.  This is another boring Internal Simulator Fixes package.

Calab Linden seems to have permanently taken over making the Deploy announcements. He is making the forum and wiki posts. They seem to be turning into boiler plate announcements. He might as well abbreviate the reporting in the forum to Yes or No.

We can assume Internal means there is no user apparent change to the server. The change will have something to do with issues that affect operation in ways only important to Lindens. So, may be a variable name changes to better describe its function, a change makes package roll out more efficient, communication between a backend service improved… all things that say little to the user. But, these are still of interest to the geek crowd.

The lack of new features or improved existing features suggests most of the work is happening on larger projects or the viewer. We know there were changes to the inventory processes and Experience Tools going on. We haven’t heard that they have ended. Also, a VIVOX update was expected. We just aren’t getting information about those things.

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