Firestorm Viewer Next Release

Lots of people want to know when the next release of the Firestorm Viewer will be. I’m one of them. Well, Jessica has explained when. See: When is the next release?

Welcome To The Strange

Welcome To The Strange

The TL:DR is the next release is soon… feel cheated? Oh well… 

Expect to see the release in 3 to 6 weeks. The team has been waiting on fixes from Linden Lab. We may see it sooner than 3 weeks but I doubt it. The Firestorm QA process has to run it course and there is no way to know where the team is in that process, unless someone talks.

Firestorm Language translations are going the way of the Linden Linux Viewer… away. As it is now including the translations is slowing development work. So, until the team has some help with translations, they are discontinuing them. Basic same strategy the Lab is using with Linux.

If you want to help with translations, step up. But, realize you’ll be editing the XML files.

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