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If you use Gmail as I do, you soon find out that it lacks many of the tools in advanced email applications like Outlook. What you may not know is Gmail has an amazing search feature. This search feature allows one to perform many of the tasks you may think are not possible.

Gmail Search Help

Gmail Search Help – Click for more…

I discovered the hidden features of Gmail Search when I decided to clean out some of 7,000+ emails sitting in my Nalates mailbox. Deleting the 50 or 100 emails displayed per page was looking to be rather tedious. 

I found I can search for “older_than:6m” to get a list of all the emails older than 6 months.

I can search for emails larger than a size: “Larger:3mb”.

While the page still displays only 50 items, or whatever I’ve set it to show, there is an option at the top of the list to select all the items in a search. It seems if the list is more than 2 pages long, the option appears.

Click the image above to see most of the search options.

An additional feature is the ability to use the Gmail Search to create email filters. Just click the down-arrow/triangle . Instructions are here: Gmail Filters.

Gmail Filters Help

Gmail Filters Help

Filters can be handy for repetitive tasks.

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