Second Life Bits Week 28


Nothing exciting. Third Party Viewers are catching up with features in the Linden made main and RC SL Viewers. A few are adding their own special features. But, most of the updating is bug fixes and catch up…

Once more

Once more by Yυi ʕ • ₒ • ʔ, on Flickr


  • Second Life Big Bird Viewer version
  • Second Life Maintenance Viewer version
  • Second Life Obsolete Platforms Viewer version
  • Second Life VMM Viewer version


  • Second Life Project Importer Viewer version
  • Second Life Project Oculus Rift Viewer version

Third Party Viewers

The list of active third party viewers:

  1. Alchemy
  2. Black Dragon – Unique UI
  3. Cool VL Viewer – Great V1 style
  4. Firestorm – Popular
  5. CtrlAltStudio – Oculus Rift capable based on Firestorm
  6. Kokua
  7. Catznip
  8. Singularity
  9. Restrained Love
  10. UKanDo


Not much happening here either. We are seeing updates slowing to an update every other week. This week a roll is made to the main channel and no new package is available for the RC channels.

The main channels update is a maintenance release with a fix for BUG-197 Cannot See My Chat Only In My Region/ Region Bad Performance. And some other unlisted fixes.

Experience Tools

The feature was released last week after 3 or 4 years of development. We are starting to see bits here and there  about how the feature works.

Loki: OMG It’s finally here!!!!! XPtools

3 thoughts on “Second Life Bits Week 28

  1. Err… You forgot the Cool VL Viewer in the TPVs list… But I guess you wanted to include it in its own list, the “list of *hyper*active third party viewers”… 😀

    And by the way: I told you, in a previous command that CEF integration in a Linux viewer would take less than one man*month worth of work… In fact I was wrong, very wrong !… I just did it and it took exactly 6 man*hours. See:

    • Doh!!! I did a quick copy of the list in the Linden Wiki and spaced on Cool VL… Sorry. I should have added it.

      OK, you’re awesome. So… is Cool using CEF now?

      • I’m not awesome, I’m just an experienced coder… I was just showing you that I have been *very* careful not to underestimate LL’s work about CEF integration in Linux builds, and that, in fact, their excuse (i.e. the amount of work involved) for not supporting Linux any more is a plain *lie*.

        No CEF is not ready just yet (see the issues I listed at the end of the message I posted to the opensource-dev list), so the Cool VL Viewer doesn’t yet have a *released* version with CEF included; but yes, I’m right now running a private version with CEF + QtWebKit (switchable on the fly between the two) and the next experimental release branch will have CEF.

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