Second Life Premium Membership Update

The lindens posted about 11 AM today that Premium Members will now have a group limit of 60 groups. Regular or free account members will still be limited to 42 accounts, a magical number.

Back to Basic

Back to Basic by Graham Collinson, on Flickr

That is not a big addition. But, it is significant. I just recently went through clearing out groups I don’t often use so I could add others.

What happens if you later downgrade your account from Premium to Free? You keep all the groups you have. If that is 60 groups, you still have 60 groups. But, even if you only have 50, you won’t be able to add new groups until you get below 42. That is a nice feature. Obviously the Lindens were thinking.

3 thoughts on “Second Life Premium Membership Update

    • Yeah, it would be. I expect we’ll hear people begging for spam filters. Maybe some limit on how many a day the viewer will let in.

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