Second Life Bits Week 13

Fabulously Free Hunts

Hopefully you know that each week and almost every day Fab Free publishes a list of what they think is the grids top ten hunts. See: Today’s Top Ten Hunts in Second Life. I’m not sure how Fab and Hunt SL hook up… but, they are the people to follow if you like hunts.


Aught by dolletjes, on Flickr

I love a couple of the names; 50 Shades Of Lust and Slap Yo Mama, Easter Is Comin… J

Capital Exchange Update

Skip Oceanlane posted an update on the saga of getting Linden Lab’s attorney to approve the Capital Exchange game or not. At this point Skip is saying they are on their last attempt.

If it were Linden Lab that was the problem, we could say this is an example horrible customer service. But, the delays are from a law firm that represents Linden Lab. One would need to know how the firm is billing, usually hourly, before we could even begin to speculate on what is happening.

Forum Login Mucks Up

In the past we could look at an article in the forum without logging in. If we later decided to reply to a post we hit reply and we were taken to the login page. After logging in we were taken to the ‘reply’ page.

Not any more… login and then your taken to a ‘category’ page of the forum. Something broke.

Remove Facebook Spam

Cyberwarzone has a ‘how to’ article up about getting rid of malicious spam on your Facebook page. See: How to delete spam posted by malicious applications from your Facebook wall. They link to how to’s for apps and annoying posts.

JuicyBomb High Fidelity

See: Received My Invite – Juicy got an invitation to participate in High Fidelity, Philip Rosedale’s new virtual world.

HiFi requires Windows 7 or better or Mac OS X. They appear to have downloads for both the viewer (?) and servers. If you click on them, they ask for your email address and you never get to download anything. That misleading style is a bad way to start off…

You have 2 possible downloads and one name registration. All three take you to an email registration and that is all.

CDN 1.9 Petabytes

Oz Linden in speaking to, I think, Drax mentioned that during January the CDN system delivered 1.9 petabytes of content. A petabyte is 1,000 terabytes or 1,000,000 gigabytes.

WordPress Plug-in Stats

If you blog, you probably use plug-ins. The problem with using a plug-in to solve a problem or fill a need is knowing which plug-in actually works and how well. WordPress tracks the number of downloads. But, I’ve downloaded a ton of plug-ins, tried them, and discarded them. So, that is not a good indicator.

There is also a rating system. While I try to remember to return and rate a plug-in, I tend to forget. Looking at the number of downloads and the number of people that rate a plug-in, I will say so do most other people.

WordPress is bringing out a new stat that will tell us how many sites have a plug-in installed and I assume activated.

For more information see: Plug-ins By The Numbers.

CG Cookie: Interview with Jonathan Williamson

If you are involved in working in computer modeling and graphics you have probably come across Jonathan Williamson and his video tutorials. This interview is about running membership web sites.

Jonathan is co-founder of CGCookie. You have no doubt watch at least one of their videos at some point. Plus I search the CGCookie site on a somewhat irregular basis… It is a good information resource and the tutorials a cut above what I find on YouTube. Don’t get me wrong, there are good tutorials on YouTube. I just have to wade through so many bad ones to find them. I don’t have to wade at CGCookie.

If you are interested in running a membership web iste, this is an informative interview. See: Running a successful membership site in real life, with Jonathan Williamson.

There are some interesting facts in the data about how subscribers/users behave depending on whether they are monthly, quarterly, or annual subscribers.





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