Second Life: Singularity Viewer

A new release is out. It is primarily for users with AMD/ATI video cards. Unless you are having a problem, you don’t need this release.

From the video "Inner winter" 5

From the video “Inner winter” 5 by Pepa Cometa, on Flickr

You may be aware of a recent AMD/ATI driver update to stopped mesh items from rendering. This isn’t a Singularity problem. It affected all viewers as it was a driver problem. If you had an ATI/AMD video card and updated your driver, you had the problem.

Catalyst Drivers version 14.9 and up have the problem. I’ve seen a lot of reports about a new drive fixing the problem. Driver 15.3 explicitly states the problem is fixed. See: AMD’s Catalyst™ 15.3 beta driver offers SL mesh fix.

A work-around has been to turn of Hardware Skinning in Preferences. Another involves swapping out some DLL files from older drivers. It is worth bookmarking Inara’s article as this type of file swap may come in handy in the future. But, this new driver is supposed to fix things.

The fix has been tested with Firestorm and Cool VL Viewer and users proclaim it works. So, I presume it works with all viewers. I am guessing the Singularity fix was to fix the problem for those that weren’t upgrading to 15.3…. ?

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