Second Life Bits 2015 Week 09 #2

Fabulously Free

I skim through the Fab Free site in my Feedly reader. Today it is consumed with stories about The Wash Sale (Biannual – really!?! Every other year?) It has stiff for L$10. You’ll find the stuff in the Wash Sim.


Image by Juicy Bomb – Not Free Hair, Just Pretty

Fab Free is often the incentive for my visiting a number of new places.

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This is an error some are seeing in the current default SL Viewer (3.7.25-299021). The work-around is to install an older version of the viewer. Remember to disable auto-update. As an alternative I would suggest you install an RC viewer.

This is the text ‘nolink>’ that often appears in place of an avatar name.

Blender Tips

Chic Aeon is putting Blender tips on her Google+ page. This link leads to a list of the tips.

There are discussions on going about the tips. So, you can probably get help with them.

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