Convrge – Social VR

The Road to VR has an article about Convrge. Convrge is a social VR platform for the Oculus Rift. They have pictures of the world being built. It looks like Minecraft with triangles. It is promoted as a low-poly, high performance virtual world.

The avatars are a bit weird. At this point it is hard to know what they intend to build, witout digging deeper, no time for that. See: YouTube.

Interestingly the world can be streamed to a browser. That probably isn’t the Oculus image/view that gets streamed, but I’m guessing.

The big NEW THING is a 2D movie screen in a 3D world… uuuh, OK… I’m not excited… From what I am reading it looks like the developers plan to build the world and users create the events.

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