China’s Weaponized Internet Users

I have been looking for reasons why my Internet has been slowing down. Is it just my connection to SL? Well, no. Other sites have been sluggish loading too.

The Face of Pure Evil

The Face of Pure Evil

Is my computer bugged? Windows’ Resource Monitor says, not. Adware, virus, and Trojan scans say no problem and I don’t get pop up ads or land on strange search engines. says I’m getting the performance I’m paying for. I get similar performance on my cell phones WIFI connections regardless who’s access point I connect to.

I also run into sites that fail to load but load on page refresh or sites that disappear for a few minutes. Other times I have to come back in an hour or the next day.

As yet I have found nothing definitive. In the case of Second Life I suspect the CDN services are not working as the Lindens expected. But, I cannot tell if that is just me or others are seeing regions render slowly too.

But, there are problems out there of which few outside the network operations centers are aware. See: Fear China. At the end he links to an updated Opinions article. I suggest you read that too.

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