Second Life: Blood Letters Day 7

There’s not many spoilers here… but there are some technical things that may interest those playing Blood Letters.

The day numbers are my days playing, not month days or game days. The Letter numbers I use are the game day/letter number.

Blood Letters 2014 - Letter 17

Blood Letters 2014 – Letter 17

Day 7 (Monday) – Letter 17: Oh no. I’ve lost a bodyguard to the perverted murderess. So, I am off to Warm Animations, the home of a romantic animations place. The link takes me to the a place in front of the store. The hint is clear on where I should be. Plus, whenever you TP to in this region you are going to the main landing point. 

The way the region renders you won’t see where to go when you first arrive. I suppose if you have your LoD turned up you might. That leads you into exploring a 3 story store. You may find some animations you like. But, the clues are not there.

Once in the right place finding the cookie is not hard. Finding a Mysterious Letter is different. I’m not sure if it is the viewer or region acting up or if these letters are intentionally different. But, the letter does not behave as the others do. I have to wear this one to see what it says. Don’t get fancy and try to do anything with Attachment Points, just wear it. Notice that it does not change the status of the letter on the string/HUD. So, this is NOT the final clue and they are rather subtle about telling you that.

The Mysterious Letter is not out, you won’t find it searching. You must do something to get it to rez. Thinking about where you would have sex in a club… will probably lead you to it. But, then… you have to also be brave enough to have sex there…

Also, today I am having teleport problems too. I land somewhere and get teleported again.

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