Second Life Bits 2014-46

Radegast Viewer

Ciaran and Inara quote from a post on the Radegast Viewer Blog. Radegast is a light weight viewer handy for the visually impaired. The developer is Latif Khalifa. For health reasons he is no longer able to develop the viewer. It is open source, so someone may take it over.

Sad… I wish the best for Latif.

Server Scripting Meeting 2014-46

Server Scripting Meeting 2014-46

Ebbe Altberg at Engadget

As noted in an earlier post Ebbe was on a panel in New York at Engadget’s get together discussing virtual worlds in apps beyond gaming. There is little in the discussions about SL2 other than closed beta will likely start mid 2015. Both Ciaran and Inara have more to say about what was discussed. I still see most of the VR talk as hype about what great things they are GOING to do. I am waiting for it to solidify into something we can touch and do. But, knowing how people see VR developing is good for perspective and has some predictive value.

For a summary see: Virtual reality has a future beyond video games, and it’s already started

OSGrid Still Down

Hypergrid Business has an article on the data recovery efforts at OSGrid. See: OSgrid halfway through third data recovery attempt. On the OSGrid site see: Recovery Update. Last posting 10/15. See Twitter. Last posting 10/25. The latest information is in the Forum: Nov 10 Post.

The current 3rd attempt at recovery is likely the last. If this does not work. They will be figuring out how to move one without the files. I’m not sure what that means. I know the backup files for regions contain most of the content. So, much of the content of OSGrid can be recovered as people up load their backups. But, I expect problems.

Describing Second Life

Hamlet has been asking for people to provide their description of Second Life in 5 words. He has posted his favorite 5 plus 5 more for insiders. See: My Top Ten Ways to Describe Second Life in Five Words.

He also has up the top 50 regions.

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