Second Life 2 Won’t Change Me

I am curious how many people will be affected ad how by the announcement of a coming new world by Linden Lab™. Hamlet at New World Notes ran a poll last week to find out. He published the results here: In Survey of SL Users, Plurality Believe Linden’s New World Won’t Change Their Second Life Usage.

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@ Server-Scripting UG 2014-27

@ Server-Scripting UG 2014-27

It is interesting to see that the group of those that feel it isn’t going to change their use of Second Life™ is about twice to 4 times larger than the other groups in the poll.

Since about a quarter of users are not sure how the announcement will change their use of Second Life, no single group is a majority. But, the larger number of people feel there will be no change.

4 thoughts on “Second Life 2 Won’t Change Me

  1. I always love your posts because they always push me to get more involved with the community – even more than I am now. After attending meetings and talks (and I guess we have the Firestorm one today too), and getting on the forums to read and post, I’ve noticed that some of the initial ‘OMG – we’re doomed!’ reaction is subsiding. Calmer heads seem to prevail with a majority of residents – and most people seem to be now taking a step back and pondering HOW to make the move instead of IF they can make the move.

    I am not an estate owner, but a Mainlander. My two regions of land reside entirely on Mainland. I am a huge supporter of the SLRR and own one region’s worth of two railroad stations / cities on the Heterocera Atoll continent. The second region faces one of the ‘L-Shaped Lakes’ in Sansara. I’m not a land baron and I don’t rent land – I just enjoy building on it so that everyone can enjoy it. So, my thoughts are now shifting focus from my inventory (I decided that, yes, I could re-buy everything again if I had to) to land – and in particular, mainland. I am curious to see how LL will approach how land is ‘owned’ – or if there will be a mainland at all. My heart goes out to owners of the United Sailing Sims, etc. I am a very small player in all of this, but want to help as much as possible to keep the ‘spirit of Second Life’ alive and well.

    All this being said – this week, I bought and sold land as usual. And spent a ton of money in the Marketplace for buildings and Mer items. 🙂 . My usage hasn’t (and won’t) change. I plan on having a blast in our 1.0 world until 2.0 shows promise.

    Man, would I love to be in on alpha testing for 2.0 – because I would LOVE to help with designing mainland (like contiguous continents that we can sail and fly around, from, and to), and to help with re-establishing the character (like ANWR and Bay of Space Pigs) that makes mainland so quirky and fun. Michael Linden – shoot me an email if you are reading this. 😉

    Thank you, Nalates, as always, for great information.

    • Thanks for the kind words.

      I go explore the railway once or twice a year. I think it is awesome. Thanks for your part in the RR.

    • I’d love early access, too. I have a history of getting involved with beta-level software and loving the challenges it throws up both in terms of learning new things and in adapting around transient problems as the software is being developed around me. I definitely enjoy breaking stuff and helping to make it better. 😀

      My SL usage also has not changed. I had a few moments where I thought it might, but the panic quickly subsided and now I’m just looking forward to what the future holds for myself and my store stuff, be it on SL or on SL2. I’ll probably end up maintaining a ‘me’ on both SL and SL2, in addition to the ‘me’ that’s on the Beta Grid, then deciding through use what works best for me.

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