AvaStar Update 2014-23

Eleanora Newell announced today that Machinimatric.org has new information up for AvaStar users. There is a new START HERE page for those making mesh clothes.

See: Avastar – Start Here. This is a handy page to mark. It has links to the important information about AvaStar, which is now on version: 1.1-alpha 34. It has the following fixes and additions: 

  • 2014-06-04 10:21:12 +0100 Fix: bl_info now only accepts integer values. Avastar used a string
  • 2014-06-04 01:20:09 +0100 Added version Info attribute for the Rig, Added display of version info into the Avastar Rig info panel
  • 2014-06-03 10:07:04 +0100 Fixed a typo in an Operator class name. this fixes the missing slider entries in the slider sections
  • 2014-06-01 21:55:58 +0100 Mark smallest supported release Blender 2.70 (older releases most probably still work, but are no longer tested)
  • 2014-06-01 21:52:33 +0100 cosmetic: Fixed size of displayed tooltip
  • 2014-05-21 21:57:56 +0100 changed user interface for Freeze for better understanding
  • 2014-05-21 18:27:15 +0100 Remove shape sliders option from Attach armature panel (although nice idea, this was too confusing here)
  • 2014-05-21 17:12:28 +0100 Iteration tolerance (in percent) and max iteration count can be set in Addon Preferences. (Users no longer need to bother with these settings)
  • 2014-05-19 18:41:16 +0100 Avoid blender crash when removing shape sliders while in edit mode
  • 2014-05-19 10:39:00 +0100 Added option to enable adaptive slider attachment and iteration count
  • 2014-05-18 23:31:46 +0100 Fix: for slider attachments for non default shapes
  • 2014-05-17 18:26:27 +0100 avoid exception in Armature Info Poll when no active Object selected
  • 2014-05-16 07:16:30 +0100 Added checkmarks to the Freeze operator ‘Join Parts’ and ‘Remove Doubles’
  • 2014-05-12 15:47:40 +0100 Added Armature Info panel to show number of animated Bones
  • 2014-05-12 15:44:39 +0100 Added generic message display operator to be used in various locations
  • 2014-05-12 15:40:21 +0100 Improved error message for when too many bones are animated

 The tutorials have been cleaned up to be current with present 1.1-alpha-34 version. That doesn’t mean they were all made using 34, just that how 34 works is the same as what the video is showing. Don’t expect everything to be perfect. AvaStar is changing quickly.

As best I can tell the work flow has NOT changed in the last month or so. They have just made finding all the information easier.

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