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I am wondering how many people have not heard of the Goon Squad? If not, I guess you could want their viewer. But, I would think just having ‘goon’ in the name would be a tipoff to get really skeptical.

Goon – noun: A bully or thug, esp. one hired to terrorize or do away with opposition.

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Seems there is such a viewer. Check out this user’s review of the product:

[SIC] A few days ago someone send me a link to a web forum called goon sqaud. I decided to sign up and ended up downloading on of their viewers called shooperlife. Only minutes after i loggin a guy forced tp me to his sim and stripped off all my clothes,rezzed my inventory on the ground and logged me out with the message “owned by goon sqaud” I quickly removed the client from my pc and tried to login to change my password but it was to late . The hackers already changed the password to my account and email so i end up calling LL and they put the account on hold .

There is no way to know whether this post is for real. Did it happen or is this too a spoof?

Also, notice the ‘…and email.’ If you use the same password at SL as you use on your email, you could lose that too. Be smart in how you use passwords.

Someone asked what the goon squad wants. Really? Insight into a griefer? Anyway, a good answer came back: “What is best in Second Life? To crush de noobs, rez deir inventories on de ground, and read de lamentations of de suckers on de forumz.”

Gee, I wonder why Inara hasn’t been reviewing this viewer? …NOT! (She has a brain)

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