6 thoughts on “Cloud Party Gets Cyn Linden

    • I came late to the Zindra meetings. I think during Cyn’s time I was not paying attention to Zindra…

      • She was there at the beginning, and helped dream up and implement the policy, assisted by Blondin to the best of his abilities. Viale certainly had his faults, but it was a pleasant change to be dealing with a competent Linden who represented a management that wasn’t clearly embarrassed by the whole idea of adult content on the grid.

        All I can say is that I think she’ll do more good — and certainly less harm — to LL in her new position than she did back then.

    • There is always the problem of what an employee can do and what management directs they do. I’ll give Cyn the benefit of doubt. But, you may be right.

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