Myst’s Riven for iPad

Cyan Worlds, the creators of the Myst games, announced that they are porting Riven to the iPad. The blog Touch Arcade picked up on an interview with Rand Miller, Cyan’s CEO, over at Modojo and wrote: ‘Riven: The Sequel To Myst’ for iPad Is Still Coming. You may know that Riven for the iPhone was released in December 2010 (US$4.95). We may see iRiven (for the iPad) this month.

Riven the sequel to Myst

Fans of Cyan Worlds will be happy to hear Rand say the realMyst iStore sales have passed breakeven. Meaning they are making a little money on top of paying the realMyst development costs.

iRiven is in progress. Rand says they recompressed the images to improve quality, improved animations, movies, and sound. The user interface has been touched up for the iPad. Now iRiven will run on all models of the iPad and even the iPad mini.

There is not going to be a fully explorable Riven (realRiven) any time soon. Rand says it is too large a project. But, he goes on to say that the work done porting to mobile devices will be used to update the Mac and PC versions… now there is something to think about. 

Uru Live

The Myst franchise has a free virtual world game on line: Play Uru Live.

There is currently a commotion over Uru Live going open source and having released some proprietary code of RAD Game Tools. Cyan is trying to get all that code removed from the open source code repositories and avoid a law suit. I gather the code has to do with the Bink Player stuff used in-game.

It is hard to tell how well that is going. It will be interesting to see how that removal thing plays out.


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