#SL Testers Needed Oct 11

Oskar Linden posted in the SL Forum requesting help testing some network changes. I suspect this is related to the Sudden Lag I’ve been writing about. See: Networking Optimization Pile On Test – October 11th

Linden Lab has made some changes to the way regions handle network traffic. We need your help to test. This will help us insure that regions are communicating appropriately over the network. Mainly we are concerned with agents entering via direct login, teleport, and region crossing. As well as other functions such as IMs, Voice, and Group chat.

Tomorrow, October 11th, at 4PM Pacific time (right after the server beta user group) we will conduct these tests with as many people as we have. Testing will take place on ADITI and require out of world communication we will be coordinating via IRC. This will require an IRC client connected to EFNET in the channel #sltest. If you don’t know how to do that you have until tomorrow afternoon to figure it out. 🙂

The details on the tests are here:

 – https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Networking_Optimization_Pile_On_Tests

I hope you can come and help us test these new changes.


The test procedure is described in the SL Wiki. See: Networking Optimization Pile On Tests.

These tests will be on the ADITI grid.

One thought on “#SL Testers Needed Oct 11

  1. This test showed so wonderful the big progress LL did on server-side. Wish them good QA-progress (which look good as i heard) and us smooth sim-crossings 🙂

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