#SL Large Group Edit Update Wk40

Wednesday we got three packages rolled to the Release Candidate (RC) channels. The changes for Large Group Editing were in the package that rolled to the Le Tigre channel. While the packages rolled to Blue Steel and Magnum worked well, something went wrong in the Le Tigre roll out.

Large Groups – Image by: KittyKat3756 – Flickr

Something in the code is miscalculating the prim cost/count and forcing the return of large numbers of prims. You can imagine the screams. Very quickly the Lindens realized they had a problem. While they didn’t know the cause as of Thursday, they do know a massive number of prims were being returned.

The Le Tigre regions were rolled back and the package running on Blue Steel, a maintenance package, was rolled over Le Tigre. Unfortunately that roll could not undo the damage of returned prims. So, the damaged regions had to be restored to the region state previous to the damaging roll out.

The first step in repairing the problem was determining the extent of the damage. About 1,250 regions had damage. All of those regions have to be restored using one of the backups. There is no automated process for doing that. The restorations have to be done manually. The support staff volunteered to help with the restorations. In the end it took 30 man hours to restore 1,250 regions.

Oskar Linden says they are now developing an automated process for doing massive restorations. He says they have never run into this type of problem before. He is also surprised that they did not see the problem when testing on ADITI. They are looking at the affected regions to see if there is a clue to what happened to trigger the prim returns in AGNI that wasn’t on ADITI.

Project Viewer

The Large Group Edit changes do require a project viewer. Baker Linden says we can use the older version of the project viewer or his latest builds.

Large Group Edit Project Viewer Download – Latest

That link leads to the Baker-Viewer-Development repository. All three versions are on the same page.

If you plan to save this link, remember: this is a link to this repository’s latest builds. It is not a link to a specific project viewer. This is sort of Baker’s work pad area. So, at some point there may be something there other than the Large Group Edit Project. It is for that reason that I am not including the link in the left column.

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