#SL News Update Week 35

Le Tigre

It has gotten a little confusing as to what is or is not running in the Le Tigre release channel. It is officially now reported as an infrastructure package with no anticipated changes for the regions. There is some rumor that these are network exploit fixes. But, it is hard to know. Others have said it is an isolated SVC-8124 fix for the bandwidth problem, which is what I’ve been thinking. I’m at the point I just don’t know. I lean toward the network exploit fixes now. But, since we can’t see any operational differences the point is mostly moot.

Server Beta Group


SVC-8177 – here is different behavior between the RC channels and the main channel involving permissions, objects loose modify permissions. This problem may be the sole reason that nothing rolled to the main channel this week. The RC’s are running a fix for the problem. However, there are some reports the problem persists.

It is currently thought that any object having been rezzed in a broken region remains broken. I’m unclear whether it can be taken back to inventory, rezzed in a fixed region, and be OK or whether it will remain broken.

There are no reports of new objects having the problem. So, the code may be fixed.

Maestro Linden describes it as, “…the objects with that bug all had the slam bit set, but the slam bit wasn’t being applied properly and rezzing clears the slam bit. So rezzing the asset in a broken sim would set bad permissions, and rezzing it in an unaffected sim would fix it on the correct permissions.

Havok Groan

A new Havok version is coming… we just got 2012.1 and now a new one is in QA. It is on a couple of regions in ADITI. Check Sandbox Goguen, with channel “DRTSIM-172”.

This version is going to have the same crossing problems that Havok 2012.1 had. When crossing from a newer to older version there will be problems. So… the sailors and pilots will likely be pissed.

There is no real change in how the new Havok will be rolled out to the release channels and eventually the main channel. But, this rollout will be faster than the 2012.1 version’s roll. We should only have to deal with the issue for a couple of weeks.

This version has a new feature called: “Collision Geometry Optimizer” (CGO), but there’s also a whole physics version update. The update should improve vehicle travel across terrain. The CGO improves collision handling and calcs. It is unknown how it will affect vehicles traveling on mesh and prims. We’ll be finding out in the coming weeks over in ADITI.

In general this CGO feature should improve things. But, the Lindens have determined that some edge cases may experience worse performance. So, it will be possible for land owners to disable the CGO. Disabling CGO is NOT going to affect region crossings either way the crossing problem is caused by the version change.


The Havok roll out has implications for sailor and pilots. We’ll see how well the Lindens handle the issues this time. The channels have not been completely reorganized from the setup for the Pathfinding beta. So, this could get confusing. But, it should be possible to figure out which channel will have the least impact on places like the Blake Sea.

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  1. re. LeTigre; The bandwidth problem in the SW corner of Brocade (with a LeTigre region diagonal) has returned. They evidently rolled back at least that part of the LeTigre RC channel.

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