Second Life Dev Viewer 3.3.2 (252228)

The link to the latest build of the Development and Integration viewers seem to be wacky. Whatever is going on with them the Dev Viewer link, the Snowstorm Viewer page leads to a new 252228 build today.

If you don’t know about the Dev and Integration viewers, all you really need to know is: the viewers are from the testing pipeline. We expect them to have problems because they have not been completely tested. One resorts to using them only if the main and/or Beta viewers fail to run well on your machine. Of course testers run the Dev or Integration viewers to help with testing the viewers… or because of some kind of insanity.


With Sun/Moon shadows I get between 5 FPS in malls to 22 FPS in …residential… areas.


This version has its memory leaks. After may shopping spree memory use had grown to 1.2 mb and was still climbing.


The last couple of versions have been crashing on exit. This version does too.

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