Receive Items Folder – Update II

Today in the Commerce group word came through that Oz Linden and Brooke Linden posted in JIRA SVC-7748. The word is that after 300+ posts in one day on the legitimate use cases the proposed change to llGiveInventoryList() would create, the change will be rolled back.

The change was in the Release Channels on Blue Steel and Le Tigre. The llGiveInventoryList() change broke RLV and I hear some other use cases, but no one can tell me what those are.

So, the Lindens are listening.

The comments made are:

Oz Linden added a comment – 12/Mar/12 11:35 AM

We hear you, we’re checking on it, thanks


Brooke Linden added a comment – 12/Mar/12 11:51 AM

Thanks to everyone for the feedback. We will be rolling back LeTigre and BlueSteel on Wednesday, and will not re-deploy until this has been fixed.


There is lots of confusing information going around about the Receive Folder and llGiveInventoryList() function. They are related changes. But, it gets confusing who is talking about which and what is moving forward and what isn’t. For now we have word from the Lindens that llGiveInventoryList() is going on hold.

I still have some confusion as to how the Receive Folder is going to work. The latest info seems better, but it’s unclear what the Lindens will be able to implement and meet their release schedule.


3 thoughts on “Receive Items Folder – Update II

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  2. Any news/changes on this? I have no longer access to the issue in the jira database. I’ve come accross this after a similar issue with the latest release of OpenSim 0.7.4. When I checkt back the functionality in SL, despite any other promisses from Quarl and Brooke it looked like subfolders are broken in the current release. Or did I miss something?

    • The JIRA SVC-7748 is outside may range of access. I can’t give you an update on it.

      I suggest you file a new JIRA BUG on the problem. You will need good steps to reproduce the problem. You will also need a good user case to explain why this is a problem for all RLV users. I suggest you get in touch with Marine Kelly and others working on RLV to see how they are proceeding with getting the problem fixed.

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