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The Milkshake Viewer definitely started out as a personal viewer shared with a few friends. Thanks to Facebook’s confusing security controls news of a new fun viewer leaked to the world. Now the complexion of Milkshake is changing. It seems to be becoming more open and out there. A support policy, instructions for using the AO, and more information are appearing in the Milkshake part of Codeplex site.

While using the features of a repository service to provide a wiki and forum is unusual, it works for other development projects. It’s just out of the norm for what we see in SL related projects… or has been.

Cinder’s support policy is simple. You are pretty much on your own. There is no way Cinder can develop the viewer and provide support. So, Cinder has made it clear use of the discussion and issue tracking sections of Codeplex are the support channels.

There is an in-world group. A L$15 join fee is charged. That will upset the entitlement group. But, it seems a practical choice to limit spamming and other annoying people being in the group. If I were to make a viewer I would probably do something similar. I would also explain I would clean the group out once a year. The Milkshake Viewer Support – Official group’s motto: RTFM! The group has 2 members this morning. I can’t find a JOIN button on the group in the Milkshake Viewer… is that a hint?

Most novel and practical is Cinder’s clear intention to NOT provide support via the in-world group. Also, made very clear in the Support Policy is the idea Cinder does not see users of Milkshake as customers. We’ll see how many of those choosing to use Milkshake can make the mental adjustment.

New Features

Milkshake has gotten the Animation Overrider (AO) from NaCl with some Exodus viewer changes, build tools from Firestorm and Qarl’s Mesh Deformer. These features make Milkshake a much more usable viewer. See: Milkshake Viewer version 3.2.6(6) Jan-04-2012 Download, which is marked ‘Alpha’. As I write this it has been downloaded 19 times. The previous version was downloaded 30 times.


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  1. Milkshake version 3.2.6 (7) Jan-05-20212 is even more interesting! Advanced graphic settings (HDR, vignetting) from Exodus is one of the new things!

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