Adult Content Comes to the SL Forum

We now have an Adult Content section in the Second Life Forum. It looks like it came into being today, or at least today it became public.

There are Community Guidelines posted. These are pretty much what you would expect, no harassment, spamming, advertising, not personal information. But surprisingly nor is sexually explicit content… Nor are nudity or adult content per the SL Guidelines allowed… well… then what is it they are going to talk about that is different from other sections of the forum?

The forum section does not require age verification. I can read the forum without logging in.

Secret Forum

I hear that the previous Adult Content forum made by Blondin Linden was a private by invitation only section. If that is accurate, then this section of the forum has just been made public. Personally I thought the private thing was an SL Group, but what do I know? I’m not even 4 years old yet.

Who’s in Charge?

I’m not sure anyone outside the Lab knows. I think the moderators are in control of the forum. At some level above the moderators there is management. In some fashion direction from various management levels reaches the moderators. Somewhere in that management tree is Viale Linden. How much control he really has over the moderators is unknown.

What is this important? Because the moderators have been editing posts that use sexually oriented trip words and removing sexually oriented topics. Now we have a section of the forum that is about Adult Content and some significant percentage of the conversations and wording will be sexually related. I think this will be a problem.

Summing It Up

Adult Content is a big money maker for SL. If you have not priced genitals or a good sex bed, check it out. Also look at the size of the Zindra continent. It has almost doubled in size since it was first created. Take a look at Second Life’s Zindra Community to see a map showing growth.

It will take some time to see how the forum section is used and moderated.

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