KirstenLee S20(44) Released Review

Kirsten has released version (44) of the KL Viewer. There isn’t a lot I can say about the viewer. KirstenLee explained the changes in this viewer on her blog. I’m just downloading it.

This is a bloody bleeding edge viewer. You have been warned.

The big changes, to me, are in the render pipeline and image decompression. The render pipeline seems to be diverging from SL’s. You still get an image on your screen, so for most people the changes are too abstract. However, I think this is an exciting direction. Having features and different user interfaces is something users can see and feel. Having a new render pipeline could radically change the viewer’s performance. 


Install ran fine. All my settings were saved. But, on startup the viewer went into slow motion mode. I didn’t try to log on. I uninstalled, flushed the program folder, settings folder, and cache files.

The Kirsten/Fonts folder still goes into a locked down state and cannot be easily removed on Vista. One has to go in and change the ownership and rights to delete it. What a drag. One can leave the folders in place. The uninstall removes all the files.

Anyway the reinstall did not fix the problem. Whatever is going on in this version it looks like it is permanently stuck in slow motion. So, there is no point in my logging on.

However, there are Linux and Mac versions of this viewer. So, check it out.

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