Second Life Viewer 3rd Beta Release

On July 7 Linden Lab released another Beta version of their new viewer. (Second Life Beta Viewer) They say this version is more stable than the current standard 2.0 viewer and they think it is good idea for everyone to update… They could use lots of bug reports, so if you are into helping out… go for it.

This seems to be the only viewer update available this week. Kirsten, Emerald, Imprudence and Hippo don’t appear to have new releases out, this week.

I install over the top of my previous Beta viewer. I can see the install panel flash a bunch of file names that it is deleting, names of files it is extracting, and then installing. The viewer seems to work OK. All the settings reverted to the defaults.

The grid choice drop down is gone and I can’t find the freaking setting to turn that back on. So, for now I’m stuck on the main grid.

The login windows are slightly different with both first and last name in a single field.

First thing out my DCS2 hud is wacked. Now that my home region has DCS2 set up (which is nice – I can test and update my DCS2 before going to Land of NoR where having an updating DSC2 is not a good thing) for the Role Players I get bombarded with extra messages and things to handle at logon… life is so hard… at least it’s not an oil slick washing through my front door.

I suspect my use of the Emerald Viewer with its multi-attachment addition has an incompatibility with the SL 2 Beta viewer… whatever, detaching the DCS2 HUD and attaching it to the upper left HUD point fixes it.

There is also a list of names of who has said something new in group chat, at the bottom of the chat dialog. That burns up more screen real estate…  sheeesh, even with 24″ screen it is crowded. I’m not a big fan of the new User Interface.

The build, push, damage, fly, and other icons formerly in the top menu are really missed. I think that will confuse new residents.

The change notes are: Release Notes for Second Life Beta Viewer 2.1.0 (206543)

Two know problems are: the viewer has problems crossing SIM boundaries and Ctrl-F in the script editor is lame.

4 thoughts on “Second Life Viewer 3rd Beta Release

  1. Tip:
    to choose the grid where to log in, hit CTRL SHIFT G at the login screen.

    Another viewer to keep track of: Icesphere – think to Snowglobe with *detachable, separate windows* for Inventory, Map, Chat… Icesphere is not actually a viewer but a “client-side scripted front-end to Second Life’s renderer/viewer that allows desktop integration and thinking outside the box”.

  2. Hi,
    Just want to know whether anyone knows how to fix an error message im getting – “media_plugin_webkit” needs to be downloaded. I am only new to SL and cant even login because of this error message.

    • You could make sure you have QuickTime installed and install Safari. I suspect your missing some component on your computer. Search and, if that fails, post in the SL forums or on SLUniverse.

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