Second Life: Oculus Rift CV1 Viewer & How To

Hamlet at New World Notes is pointing out David Rowe has a SL VR Viewer working. The page Hamlet  linked to is out of date. The new news is in the comments where David says,

Oculus Riftを貰った

Oculus Riftを貰った

David Rowe Post author5 Jul 2016 at 11:22 am

Just tried LL’s Rift viewer and, well, it’s surprisingly un-good. It’s like the graphics are being fed from the wrong framebuffer object or the pipeline is being misconfigured when you switch into HMD view. Intentional or bugs? I suppose time will tell. The graphics should be able to be so much better (even if understandably the FPS isn’t so good)!


Note Jo Yardley’s comment about being able to use Vorpx with a regular viewer (i,e., like Firestorm, Alchemy, or LL’s regular viewer) to view Second Life in your Rift. I haven’t tried it myself but am told it can be used.

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Second Life VR Door Closed?

No Oculus Rift

No Oculus Rift

Oz Linden has spoken. See Oculus Rift – CV1 Support.

 ‎2016-07-07 12:14 PM

Thank you for experimenting with our Oculus Rift Project Viewer and offering your feedback. Unfortunately, the Project Viewer that we recently made available didn’t meet our standards for quality, and so we’ve now removed it from the Alternate Viewers page.

By definition, Project Viewers aren’t ready for primetime. The purpose of these experimental Viewers is to share with you the earliest possible version of what we’re working on, so that you can see what we’re up to, help discover problems, and provide feedback. In this case, though, we’re not ready for that, as those of you who tried it have seen.

We can’t say at this point when or even if we may release another Project Viewer for experimenting with the Oculus Rift in SL.

We want to prioritize our development efforts around initiatives that we know will improve the virtual world and bring more value to SL Residents, and due to some inherent limitations with SL, it may well not be possible to achieve the performance needed for a good VR experience. (In fact, this is one reason why we’re creating Project Sansar a new, separate platform optimized for VR).

We greatly appreciate the interest in trying SL with the Oculus Rift and are grateful that several of you took the time to try the Project Viewer. We regret that the quality was not up to our standards, and we will of course keep the community posted if we release a new Project Viewer for VR in the future.

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Second Life: Oculus Rift Viewer Updated

I mentioned in the Third Party Dev article earlier today that the Oculus Rift Project Viewer updated. It jumped from version Second Life Project Oculus Rift Viewer version (like 2 years old) to version (7/1/2016).

The video is dated: Mar 25, 2016. – Remember. Unless you run the video through a VR headset, it is totally bogus when it comes what the experience is like…  Continue reading

CtrlAltStudio Updates VR Viewer News for Second Life

I didn’t notice this until today. David Rowe has explained that his Rift supporting viewer is not going to update until he gets his updated Rift headset. Reference.

✨ Energia ✨

✨ Energia ✨

He is also looking to hear something from the Lab on their Oculus Rift viewer. He tells us his code is more a quick and dirty to get something running. He seems to prefer the Lab’s code as being a better solution.

We know the Lab’s Rift viewer is an October 2014 version. It is being upgraded to current viewer code, of course. But, it also needs to be upgraded to the new Oculus code and enhancements (CV1). So, this is probably quite a bit of work. We don’t have any word on whether this version is just being caught up SL Viewer 5 code or also being updated to use CV1 tech. I would guess it is…

We also don’t know how much of a priority it is. I suspect while important it isn’t all that important. So, we have no idea when we will see an updated Oculus Rift viewer from the Lab or CtrlAltStudio.