#SL New Translate Panel

I noticed we have a new panel in the Second Life Viewer 3.2.2 (244260) Oct 31 2011. You probably know, if you follow this blog, that Google’s free translation service used by many games is changing to a paid service. That means our translator in the viewer will stop working about the end of this month.

New Translate Settings in Preferences -> Chat

The new panel provides an option to switch to Bing’s free service. It also provides a place to add your Google API key, which you get from Google Translate API. In my article Language Translation in Second Life I estimated my cost of translation services if I had everything I chat translated. I think I could easily get by for US$20 per year. Since I don’t translate everything, it would probably be way less.

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Language Translation in Second Life

Some time ago I wrote about Google shutting down their free Translation API. This is the service Google provided and Second Life Viewers use to handle language translation. Google has now come out (8/24) with pricing for the Paid-Translation-Service-API. So, what happens to our viewers?

Google Translate

As It Is Now

It only works in Local Chat and is disabled by default. One enables it in Me->Preferences->Chat. At the bottom of the panel is a check box to enable machine translation.

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Phoenix Viewer Beta

Phoenix Viewer

Phoenix Viewer 977

It seems a number of people have been having trouble running the Phoenix Viewer 908. Some users crash after a few minutes and some after a longer time. The Phoenix team has been looking for the problem. This Beta release is a step in confirming they have found the problem. They need more testers on many different type of hardware to test the viewer. So, it you are one of those that has had problems with Phoenix crashing, get the new 977 and give it try. If you crash, file a report on the Phoenix JIRA.

Download & Install

The release announcement advises us that this install will clear the cache. For most of us that just means you may notice your first login rez taking just a bit longer.

Windows users have a choice between an SSE and an SSE2 viewer. To know which your computer will use the Phoenix Wiki SSE page links you to a handy tool that examines your computer and checks what type of SSE support it has. SSE2 is better than SSE. Newly made computers support SSE4. Two year old computers probably support SSE3. So, don’t sell your computer short, just check it.

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Emerald Viewer Released – Review

Emerald is currently in a fast release cycle right now. A significant release came out on the 17th with 2 more quick releases following. I am expecting at least one more soon.

Updated from Emerald Viewer (2/17) to Emerald Viewer (2/18) and as of 2/22 to version 1.64 mb Download

Update: Some Mac users are (were) having voice problems (1585). Get download: Mac Voice

There are (were) some image upload issues with v1585. See: Emerald Viewer Image Uploads Hotfix

Update: Version 1626 RC Feature Review

The download I got today (2/22) actually shows version 1628…

The grid manager has been improved over version 1582. It now saves your log on information. Yay! That helps. There is now an ‘Edit Saved Logins’ button on the login screen. Continue reading