Second Life News 2016 w27


Surprise. There is roll of a new package to the main channel. I did not expect that the day after a Monday holiday.

This is the package that has been running on the RC channels. It contains security fixes… or a fix… depending on how and what one reads. Also, the Bento animation file size for animation uploads is increased. And there is some fix to email address problems from within scripts.



There is no roll to the RC channels this week. So, the entire main grid will be running the same server software.  Continue reading

Second Life: Oculus Rift Viewer Updated

I mentioned in the Third Party Dev article earlier today that the Oculus Rift Project Viewer updated. It jumped from version Second Life Project Oculus Rift Viewer version (like 2 years old) to version (7/1/2016).

The video is dated: Mar 25, 2016. – Remember. Unless you run the video through a VR headset, it is totally bogus when it comes what the experience is like…  Continue reading

Second Life: CtrlAltStudio Viewer

This is the viewer that was the Oculus Rift enabled viewer for Second Life. Today, 6/21, I see that the viewer has been removed from the Third Party Viewer directory at the viewer maker’s request.

Tracks of my Tears

Tracks of my Tears

Early versions of the viewer were based on Linden Viewers and later versions on the Firestorm Viewer.

There is no current version of a viewer that supports the Oculus Rift, AFAIK. The Linden Viewer is in the process of being updated. But, we have not seen a release in over a year. Later this month the SSL/TLS security change will make the only available Linden made viewer with Oculus support about useless.

It is hard to say what the Lab’s priority is for getting a usable Oculus capable viewer out. We have known the Lab to pull people off the update project to handle problems they consider more pressing.

VR Matrix Disassociation from Real Life

Start thinking about whether you REALLY can take the Blue pill or life is force feeding us the red one. Hamlet is pointing to an article in Rock Paper Shotgun titled: A Matrix Moment With The Vive.

"Last night..."

“Last night…”

The article is about the disassociation a Vive (VR Headset) user, Philippa Warr, feels after taking the headset off. He obviously hasn’t heard the warning coming from several sources about possible negative side effects from using 3D anything. Continue reading

Second Life: LOTS of News

From the Third Party Dev Meeting 2016-16… Oz Linden starts off saying there isn’t a lot of new stuff. But, news-wise there was quite a bit and I found most of it interesting.

Fantasy Faire 2016

Fantasy Faire 2016 – Now Happening


Second Life Maintenance Viewer version – Oz describes this version as having lots of annoyances fixed. It hasn’t changed since my previous Tuesday update.  Continue reading